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“Approximately a year ago my mother took a fall and ended up in the hospital. From there it was on to Rehab and it became clear that she would need long term assistance and would not be able to return to her apartment, where she had lived alone for the past 25 years. After speaking with many people and looking into a number of different facilities, we had the opportunity to visit the Avalon… and before long we were moving mom in. We couldn’t be happier about the decision we made. The Avalon is her new ‘home’.”
Darby W, son

“The Avalon is a comfortable and welcoming place for my grandmother and also for our family. Every time I visit, it’s obvious that everyone from the aides to the administrative and support staff goes out of their way to make sure that the residents not only have their basic needs met, but more importantly, that they feel valued as members of the community. We were lucky to find the Avalon. I have peace of mind knowing that she’s safe, happy, and secure. The care and compassion are second to none.”
Kate B, granddaughter

“I took Vita, my very dear elderly friend, to visit several assisted living programs and she decided that the Avalon was the place for her. She can now visit with friends when able, go out to lunch or see family, and has the home base she is very happy to be living in.

The Avalon is a wonderful place and Vita continues to feel she made the right choice. She has lived at the Avalon for close to 10 years now and smiles most of the time.

The Avalon care is excellent and they have an incredible list of social activities and volunteers who make sure there is social life beyond their expectations.”
Tomette P., friend

“Ralph enjoys participating in the various activities provided during the week and, in particular, the morning exercises and evening socials.

My wife Carol and I feel fortunate to have Ralph in such a well-run facility where the welfare of each resident has always been a priority.”
William P, brother

“My mother and I really enjoyed family day! The food was wonderful, too. I was especially happy to sit at my mom’s table and meet and talk with three of her table-mates.  Thanks again for giving us a special day to remember.”

Marie T, daughter

“Marie lived at the Avalon Assisted Living for 2 years and they were some of the happiest years of her elderly life, as she was 94 when she passed.

She made a lot of new friends and enjoyed participating in the daily activities.

She absolutely loved the food and adored the Recreation Director, Lynn.

The staff always looked after her and made her feel like she was part of their family.   She always called the Avalon her new home.”
Millie C, daughter

Resident’s comments:
“I love this place, it’s comfortable and feels like my own home.” – Vita B

“It’s fun and enjoyable.  My friends are jealous that they are not here.” – Addie S

“I love the people.” – Marie W

“I really love the Avalon because it feels so homey.” – Anita W

“I love the food, and I like doing my puzzles.” – George V

“We have exercises, games, entertainment and friendship to keep us occupied all the time.” – Mary C

“It’s lovely here, so much to do.” – Jane K

“I’ve been here a long time and I love it. I like having friends and activities all the time.” – Grace A