Ms. Teresa has a outstanding way of showing persons in tours and is a beautiful place and residents are great and staff as I tour place everything was set accordingly and very clean, and they treat with respect and outstanding place to live in.

Carlos –

The facility does meet all the needs and concerns of the elderly. The facility is close and safety is the most vital factor within the administration and staff. As a concerned caregiver, I feel this facility earns and warrants all needed funding for all Elder Care.

Ana P. –

They are a truly caring facility. There are activities and music events for the residents. my mom and dad harry stayed there. Highly recommended.

Sam M. –

Toured the Avalon for a loved one and was so impressed by both the staff and the facility. Feels like a home. Staff were attentive and caring and that makes all the difference. We feel lucky to have found such a special place for our loved one.

Tracy B. –

Have 3 friends who live there and love it! Understand they are the BEST ALF in Dutchess County!

Monica P.  –

Pleasant staff and a warm, safe community feeling

Jacob R. –

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