Avalon Assisted Living Payment Options

Avalon Assisted Living has one comprehensive monthly fee that includes all services (click here for a list), with the exception of telephone and the hair salon. Most other assisted living residences have add-on fees to their monthly charge that cover many of the different services that we include in our one monthly fee.

Many people comment that they consider the Avalon to be a very reasonably priced assisted living facility.

Please come in for a visit (click here to Schedule a Tour) and a discussion of our rates.

To explain payment options at the Avalon, it’s important to understand that our one monthly fee is made up of two parts.  The first is the room and board portion and the second is the personal care portion (also known as the assisted living portion).

Room and board can be paid with any of the following:

• Personal funds

• Long-term care insurance (most policies pick up a portion of this cost)

• Supplemental Security Income (SSI), for those who qualify based on income and assets. This is a federal income supplement program for those who have little or no income. If you’re unsure about whether or not you qualify for SSI, please call us and we can provide you with guidance.

• Social Security Administration (SSA), which is a qualifying individual’s monthly social security check

• Pension payments

• Veterans Administration (VA) Benefits for qualified wartime veterans and their spouses

• Any other means, except Medicaid or Medicare

The assisted living or medical portion of the cost can be paid with any of the following:

• Personal funds

• Medicaid for those who qualify and who reside in a licensed ALP (Assisted Living Program) facility. (Avalon is a licensed ALP facility.) (Click here for an explanation of ALP)

A licensed ALP facility is the only assisted living housing option that is currently covered by Medicaid.

There is a distinct advantage to living in a facility that accepts both private funds and Medicaid. Residents who run out of private funds will be assisted through the transition and Medicaid application process.

The best way to determine what your specific payment options are is to schedule a tour.  Come visit the Avalon and sit down with one of our expert counselors who can provide guidance and respond to all of your questions.