Residential Services


Each resident at the Avalon has a choice of either a private or semi-private room, all of which have private bathrooms within the room. The rooms do not have kitchens, refrigerators or stoves, since all meals are served in a community dining room which allows us to keep closer tabs on nutrition.

Furniture is provided for each room, however, residents are welcome to bring their own furniture.

A resident’s monthly fee includes all of the above as well as electricity, cable TV, Internet access and heating.

Each room is also equipped with an emergency call system.

For the convenience of our residents and families, we have on-site banking Monday-Friday.


Three full-menu meals are served daily in our community dining room, all under the supervision of a Registered Dietician. We also offer two snacks daily.

In addition to a regular diet, we provide a No Concentrated Sweets Diet and a No Added Table Salt Diet. Based on a doctor’s order, we will also accommodate special diets, such as reduced calories and chopped or pureed food. We can also offer nutritional supplements for those who have a high caloric requirement.

Should a resident have a guest for dinner, we’re happy to accommodate them at no extra charge.

Laundry Management

At Avalon Assisted Living we offer complete laundry service to our residents once per week or more frequently, if needed. This includes picking up a resident’s laundry from their room, washing, drying, folding and returning it to their drawer.


Residents’ rooms are cleaned daily. This includes vacuuming, dusting, making the beds, picking up, cleaning the bathroom and taking out the garbage.

 All room maintenance is handled by our staff, as needed, such as changing light bulbs, plumbing and heating repairs and helping with hanging pictures or artwork.

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