Medical Services

Medical Coordination

The Avalon uses a “Coordinated Team” care model. The team is supervised by our in-house RN and is composed of the Administrator, Food Service Manager, Life Enrichment coordinator and a member of the Maintenance Staff.

Every day the team meets to exchange information and what they’ve observed about each resident. For example, if a resident didn’t have breakfast this morning or had breakfast but stayed in his/her room all day, it would be discussed. Questions would be raised, such as when he/she might have last seen their doctor. This coordinated team model assures a family that their loved one receives continuous oversight and attention.

We also monitor vital signs, blood glucose levels and weight on an ongoing basis.

Avalon residents have a choice of keeping their own doctor or using the services of several physicians who visit our facility regularly, such as a podiatrist to ensure proper foot care. Should a resident wish to visit an outside doctor, we will make the appointment for them and if they can’t go safely on their own, we’ll send an aide to accompany them.

Case Management

The staff at the Avalon sets up, initiates and continually revises an individualized care plan for each resident, under the supervision of an in-house RN.

This care plan includes not only assisting the resident in adjusting to their new home at the Avalon, but also facilitating any involvement with outside community services and agencies. We will help coordinate a resident’s need for any outside medical, social or mental health specialists.

We believe it’s important for our residents to maintain any community ties they might have and encourage the establishment of new involvements. Transportation arrangements are coordinated, as needed, for each resident.

Medication Management

Our medication management program goes beyond making sure that the resident takes his/her medication. It also provides assistance with re-ordering medications.  We also assist in administering all prescribed oral medications, inhalers, eye drops and ointments. Finally, because our staff gets to know each resident, we are available to answer resident questions and notify the prescribing physician of any concerns.

24 Hour Supervision

At the Avalon, certified personal care aides are present 24/7/365 to respond to any resident’s medical needs.

Importantly, Avalon aides are hired and supervised by our facility RN. The cost of aide services at the Avalon is included in the mothly charge.

Since we are licensed by the New York State Department of Health, our aides go through a stringent certification process, background checks, ongoing training and our RN supervision.


The population of the Avalon includes some seniors with mild Alzheimer’s symptoms or Dementia symptoms.

For those residents who have exit-seeking behaviors, we have a Wander Guard System that alerts us if a resident begins to wander so that we may redirect them.

The best way to determine if the Avalon is appropriate for your loved one with some degree of memory loss is to come in to visit with us. Please schedule a tour so that we can help make that assessment.

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