January News

Happy New Year!! Welcome 2018!!


We want to extend a big welcome to our new friends Joyce T. and James G.


Just before the holidays, we had visit from Saint Nick.  He gave everyone a gift, but more than that, he gave everyone joy and laughter by his jolly presence.  Thank you St. Nick for the greatest gift, of all – your kind, and joyful presence, making us feel like kids again and to experience the happiness and beauty of this time of year!

Santa 1 Santa 2 Santa 4 Santa 5 Santa 6 Santa 7 Santa 8 Santa 10 Santa 11 Santa 12 Santa 13 Santa 14 Santa 15 Santa 16 Santa 17 Santa 18 Santa 19 Santa 20



We celebrated the Eight Days of Hanukkah by lighting the Menorah.  We also played the Dreidel Game, and enjoyed some “gelt” – the traditional (and delicious!) chocolate coins.

Celebrated the Eight Days of Hanukkah Image 1 Celebrated the Eight Days of Hanukkah Image 2 Celebrated the Eight Days of Hanukkah Image 3