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Community Life

At The Avalon, we recognize the delicate nature of caring for seniors. More than just a senior living facility, The Avalon provides a lifestyle that honors the dignity of each resident. Here, we promote independence while offering round-the-clock services tailored to individual needs. Living at The Avalon means enjoying freedom without worrying about safety, home upkeep, meal preparation, or the isolation that can come with living alone. Our residents maintain their independence while benefiting from a range of personalized services.

Embracing Community in a Historic Setting

Situated in the picturesque Hudson River Valley and surrounded by the historic towns of Poughkeepsie and Wappinger, The Avalon offers more than just a residence—it offers a vibrant community. Wappingers Falls, with its rich history dating back to 1659 and incorporation in 1875, is a blend of historical charm and modern convenience. Named for the cascading waters of Wappinger Creek, the village provides a tranquil backdrop with access to exceptional dining, premier shopping, and captivating natural attractions.

Community | Avalon Assisted Living
Community | Avalon Assisted Living

A Vibrant, Growing Community

Wappingers Falls isn’t just a pretty village; it’s a thriving center of growth and energy. With young families and new businesses settling in, the area exudes a fresh and dynamic atmosphere. Living at The Avalon places our residents at the heart of this vibrant community, surrounded by the town’s rich heritage and contemporary spirit.

Memory Care with a Personal Touch

Recognizing that cognitive decline doesn’t always require skilled nursing care, The Avalon’s Memory Care Neighborhood offers specialized services for individuals with memory impairments. Our approach focuses on accommodating unscheduled needs and maintaining the highest level of well-being for each resident, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional nursing home care.

Community | Avalon Assisted Living

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