September Fun!

We had such a great time on Sunday, Sept. 16th when we celebrated Friends & Family Day!  We enjoyed a delicious buffet lunch prepared by our cook, Toshina D. and her staff.  We were stuffed to the gills, but still had room for dessert and the delicious ice cream sundaes that our Director of Life Enrichment, Melissa and staff prepared for us.  Thanks for your hard work and for making this day such a great success!  We also got to ogle some beautiful classic cars  and take pictures next to them (and in them!).  To burn off all the delicious food, we were dancing to tunes played for us by Bosco, and Bryan Lamars

IMG_2091  IMG_2114  IMG_2079  IMG_2080  IMG_2076  IMG_2081  IMG_2082  IMG_2084  IMG_2086  IMG_2089  IMG_2090  IMG_2092  IMG_2098  IMG_2100  IMG_2074  IMG_2102  IMG_2104  IMG_2105  IMG_2106  IMG_2107  IMG_2109  IMG_2111  IMG_2067  IMG_2070  IMG_2112  IMG_2068  IMG_2075  IMG_2099