News and Updates

We would like to welcome the following people to our community: Concetta M., Gladys G., Florency L., Ramona M., Larry C., Robert P., Joseph D., Robert L. and Elizabeth D.


The staff and residents want to send all of our get well wishes to our beloved Maria (“The Sarge”). Maria, we miss you very much and hope you return to The Avalon very soon! The Avalon is not the same without you!!

We are also wishing a speedy recovery to Katherine P.!  Katherine, we miss your sweet, quiet demeanor.  We wish we had ten like you!  Get well soon!


On Friday, July 20th, we had an art show and each of us got to choose a favorite painting to take back to our rooms.  Here we are with some of our “scores”, which will brighten all of our rooms!

IMG_1605  IMG_1606  IMG_1607  IMG_1600  IMG_1601  IMG_1603  IMG_1604  IMG_1599  IMG_1602  IMG_1591  IMG_1592  IMG_1593  IMG_1594  IMG_1595  IMG_1596  IMG_1597



On Tuesday, July 31st, we were lucky enough to attend a Hudson Valley Renegades game.  Our team lost, but we had a fantastic time in the skybox!  Here we are enjoying the game and the company of the Renegades’ mascot, Rascal.

IMG_1724  IMG_1723  IMG_1722  IMG_1721  IMG_1720  IMG_1718  IMG_1717  IMG_1714  IMG_1711  IMG_1707  IMG_1706



On Friday, August 3rd, we had a birthday celebration for the August birthdays.  Stephanie Romm was our lovely entertainer, and we had a ball!  Here we are with some of our gifts.

IMG_1745  IMG_1746  IMG_1747  IMG_1748  IMG_1750  IMG_1755  IMG_1756  IMG_1757  IMG_1744  IMG_1759  IMG_1758



On Monday, July 30th, we had the pleasure of a visit from The Little Brays of Sunshine, who are therapy donkeys.  We always love to see them and interact with them, as you can see here

IMG_1656  IMG_1657  IMG_1659  IMG_1662  IMG_1663  IMG_1664  IMG_1665  IMG_1666  IMG_1667  IMG_1668  IMG_1673  IMG_1675   IMG_1678  IMG_1684  IMG_1687  IMG_1690  IMG_1691  IMG_1692    IMG_1697  IMG_1677  IMG_1695