September Fun!

Posted on September 12th, 2018 by The Avalon

We had such a great time on Sunday, Sept. 16th when we celebrated Friends & Family Day!  We enjoyed a delicious buffet lunch prepared by our cook, Toshina D. and her staff.  We were stuffed to the gills, but still had room for dessert and the delicious ice cream sundaes that our Director of Life Enrichment, Melissa and staff prepared for us.  Thanks for your hard work and for making this day such a great success!  We also got to ogle some beautiful classic cars  and take pictures next to them (and in them!).  To burn off all the delicious food, we were dancing to tunes played for us by Bosco, and Bryan Lamars

IMG_2091  IMG_2114  IMG_2079  IMG_2080  IMG_2076  IMG_2081  IMG_2082  IMG_2084  IMG_2086  IMG_2089  IMG_2090  IMG_2092  IMG_2098  IMG_2100  IMG_2074  IMG_2102  IMG_2104  IMG_2105  IMG_2106  IMG_2107  IMG_2109  IMG_2111  IMG_2067  IMG_2070  IMG_2112  IMG_2068  IMG_2075  IMG_2099


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Well, the summer may be winding down, but we sure aren’t!!  This past week alone saw us picking apples at Minard Orchard in Clintondale, NY, and then we hit the rails of the Catskill Mountain Railroad…have a look!

First, our lovely day at Minard, where we ate delicious pizza, apple-cider donuts, picked apples and enjoyed a hay-ride.

IMG_1880  IMG_1856  IMG_1857  IMG_1858  IMG_1860  IMG_1864  IMG_1872  IMG_1873  IMG_1879  IMG_1888  IMG_1887  IMG_1886  IMG_1885  IMG_1884  IMG_1875



Here we are riding the rails of the Catskill Mountain Railroad in Kingston, NY, another gorgeous day!

IMG_1907   IMG_1908   IMG_1909  IMG_1910  IMG_1911  IMG_1912  IMG_1914  IMG_1916  IMG_1917  IMG_1918  IMG_1921  IMG_1923  IMG_1922

News and Updates

Posted on July 26th, 2018 by The Avalon

We would like to welcome the following people to our community: Concetta M., Gladys G., Florency L., Ramona M., Larry C., Robert P., Joseph D., Robert L. and Elizabeth D.


The staff and residents want to send all of our get well wishes to our beloved Maria (“The Sarge”). Maria, we miss you very much and hope you return to The Avalon very soon! The Avalon is not the same without you!!

We are also wishing a speedy recovery to Katherine P.!  Katherine, we miss your sweet, quiet demeanor.  We wish we had ten like you!  Get well soon!


On Friday, July 20th, we had an art show and each of us got to choose a favorite painting to take back to our rooms.  Here we are with some of our “scores”, which will brighten all of our rooms!

IMG_1605  IMG_1606  IMG_1607  IMG_1600  IMG_1601  IMG_1603  IMG_1604  IMG_1599  IMG_1602  IMG_1591  IMG_1592  IMG_1593  IMG_1594  IMG_1595  IMG_1596  IMG_1597



On Tuesday, July 31st, we were lucky enough to attend a Hudson Valley Renegades game.  Our team lost, but we had a fantastic time in the skybox!  Here we are enjoying the game and the company of the Renegades’ mascot, Rascal.

IMG_1724  IMG_1723  IMG_1722  IMG_1721  IMG_1720  IMG_1718  IMG_1717  IMG_1714  IMG_1711  IMG_1707  IMG_1706



On Friday, August 3rd, we had a birthday celebration for the August birthdays.  Stephanie Romm was our lovely entertainer, and we had a ball!  Here we are with some of our gifts.

IMG_1745  IMG_1746  IMG_1747  IMG_1748  IMG_1750  IMG_1755  IMG_1756  IMG_1757  IMG_1744  IMG_1759  IMG_1758



On Monday, July 30th, we had the pleasure of a visit from The Little Brays of Sunshine, who are therapy donkeys.  We always love to see them and interact with them, as you can see here

IMG_1656  IMG_1657  IMG_1659  IMG_1662  IMG_1663  IMG_1664  IMG_1665  IMG_1666  IMG_1667  IMG_1668  IMG_1673  IMG_1675   IMG_1678  IMG_1684  IMG_1687  IMG_1690  IMG_1691  IMG_1692    IMG_1697  IMG_1677  IMG_1695 

News and Updates

Posted on May 22nd, 2018 by The Avalon

We would like to welcome the following new members of our community: Albert A., Joan B., Marjorie A., Robert M., Consuelo N. and Hannah R.

St. Patrick’s Day was filled with much celebration! We enjoyed having our cake (and eating it too!)

St. Patty's Day 2018

We also enjoyed the Irish Dancers! Irish Dancers 3 St. Patrick's Day 2018
Irish Dancers 2 St. Patrick's Day 2018
Irish Dancers 1 St. Patrick's day 2018

Thank you to the Broesler School of Irish Dance!


Posted on March 14th, 2018 by The Avalon



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March News

Posted on March 12th, 2018 by The Avalon

A Big Welcome To:  William S., Gary K., Barbara S., Jimmy C., and Brian D.

Get well wishes to: Pat B. and Milton B.  We are wishing you a speedy recovery!


Calendar Highlights

Friday March 2nd – March Birthday Party

Tuesday March 6th – sing along w/Bob Martinson

Thursday March 8th  – Shopping trip to Walmart

Tuesday March 13 – Lucky House performance

Wednesday March 14th – Happy Hour with Bill & Rico

Friday March 16th – small group outing to Ihop & Mummenschanz

Saturday March 17th – St. Patrick’s Day party

Tuesday March 20th – small group outing to Oriental Buffet

Wednesday, March 28th – Banana Split Ice Cream Party



We had another visit from our furry friends.  We are always happy to see them!  As you can see, we all took turns cuddling with them.

IMG_0145  IMG_0146  IMG_0147  IMG_0148   IMG_0149  IMG_0150 IMG_0151  IMG_0152  IMG_0153 IMG_0154  IMG_0155


January News

Posted on January 8th, 2018 by The Avalon

Happy New Year!! Welcome 2018!!


We want to extend a big welcome to our new friends Joyce T. and James G.


Just before the holidays, we had visit from Saint Nick.  He gave everyone a gift, but more than that, he gave everyone joy and laughter by his jolly presence.  Thank you St. Nick for the greatest gift, of all – your kind, and joyful presence, making us feel like kids again and to experience the happiness and beauty of this time of year!

Santa 1 Santa 2 Santa 4 Santa 5 Santa 6 Santa 7 Santa 8 Santa 10 Santa 11 Santa 12 Santa 13 Santa 14 Santa 15 Santa 16 Santa 17 Santa 18 Santa 19 Santa 20



We celebrated the Eight Days of Hanukkah by lighting the Menorah.  We also played the Dreidel Game, and enjoyed some “gelt” – the traditional (and delicious!) chocolate coins.

IMG_9346 IMG_9344 Hanukkah 3

November/December News

Posted on November 28th, 2017 by The Avalon


For anyone who is interested, The Avalon is a drop-off site for Toys for Tots.  The box is located at the front of the building near the office if anyone is interested in donating an unopened, new toy for needy children.


Welcome to our new friends:  Nannie K., Evelyn M., Norma L., Patrick G., Charles P.,




We want to send good thoughts and get well wishes to:  Patricia H., Maria S., Margaret F., George M.  Get well soon, we miss you!!




We celebrated Halloween in style!  Everyone tried to out do each other for best costume…

IMG_8638  IMG_8636 IMG_8629 IMG_8628 FullSizeRender (3) FullSizeRender IMG_8620 IMG_8616 (1) IMG_8607 FullSizeRender (5) IMG_8604 IMG_8601 IMG_8590 IMG_8588 IMG_8586


Paint Class

We had a very relaxing time at paint class.  The subject matter was very patriotic!

IMG_8939    IMG_8940    IMG_8942     IMG_8943    IMG_8944


Our furry friends paid us a visit today!  How cute they are and what joy they bring us!!

IMG_9013     IMG_9022    IMG_9015   IMG_9025

October 2017 News

Posted on October 2nd, 2017 by The Avalon


Welcome to the new additions to The Avalon Family:  Philip C., Nancy L.


Get Well Wishes to:  Madge L., and Anna S., and Patricia C.  Hope to see you back home soon!


On Sunday, September 17th, we celebrated Friends and Family Day.  The weather was gorgeous and it was a big success!  Uncle Bob Martinson and his band performed lots of great music and got us up on the dance floor.  The food was awesome too!  A big thank you to all who attended and helped make it such a success!

IMG_7898   IMG_7900   IMG_7908  IMG_7909  IMG_7914  IMG_7912  IMG_7918  IMG_7919  IMG_7920  IMG_7924  IMG_7922  IMG_7926   IMG_7928  IMG_7930  IMG_7929  IMG_7932


On Friday, October 6th, we celebrated the October birthdays

IMG_8145 IMG_8158 IMG_8154 IMG_8152 IMG_8151 IMG_8149 IMG_8146 IMG_8180 IMG_8178 IMG_8169 IMG_8166 IMG_8165


On Wednesday, October 4th, we got together in sadness and remembrance of our friends that we lost recently, Patricia M., Ann Marie M., and Gerard D.  We will miss you greatly.


“If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them.”

—James O’Barr


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When the weather warms up, we get to spend time out doors enjoying delicious picnic foods with our friends, courtesy of the Office of the Aging

IMG_6998  IMG_7002  IMG_7003  IMG_7007  IMG_7009    IMG_7012  IMG_7013  IMG_7008  IMG_7014


We were happy to see the Little Brays of Sunshine back to visit us recently.  Here we are enjoying their company:

IMG_6923   IMG_6944    IMG_6941    IMG_6956  IMG_6952   IMG_6958

IMG_6972 (1)  IMG_6964  IMG_6981  IMG_6976


In late May, we enjoyed an outing to IHOP  …

ihop 2    ihop 1

and  to Perkins…

sandra at perkins


We were also treated to 10 minute massages

massage therapy

as well as manicures!




Here we are enjoying music for our June Birthday Party

siegfried       enjoying Joe Mazz       debra & maria


Congratulations to The Avalon’s Rising Star, Angelita.  She was nominated by our community for being an outstanding employee at  The Avalon.  She received the award through ESAAL, Empire State Association of Assisted Living.  Thanks, Angelita, for the great work you do!

Our Rising Star winner, Angelita.

Our Rising Star winner, Angelita, holding her Star Award


April found us in Rhinecliff watching a lovely performance by the Bard Orchestra.  The performance was sublime!


imagejpeg_1 (1)   imagejpeg_0


In April we honored the country of the month, South Africa, by enjoying their unique and delicious cuisine  prepared by Grand Master Chef.



so delicious!


On March 23rd, we honored our volunteers during our Volunteer Appreciation Night.  Each of them received a Certificate of Appreciation.

Thank you to all of our volunteers who are so generous with their time!

IMG_5424 IMG_5423  IMG_5421  IMG_5420 IMG_5419 IMG_5416 IMG_5414 IMG_5413 IMG_5412


In April, we also enjoyed a relaxing painting class.  Behold our creations!

IMG_5799   IMG_5806  IMG_5808 IMG_5809   IMG_5817  IMG_5820 IMG_5822



Here we are enjoying Happy Hour with Joe Mazz performing all our favorite hits from the Sixties and Seventies


IMG_6048           IMG_6059 IMG_6066